SGA focuses on unity

Kathleen Dooley

Off-campus housing, adviser selection and campus unity were on the docket for the first Student Government Association meeting of the year held on Aug. 28.

SGA President Nestor Fernandez and Vice President Timothy McGovern opened the meeting with brief introductions of the new SGA structure and the directors of each SGA branch. This year, the group plans to make campus unity a priority.

“In years past, the various organizations on campus haven’t had a strong unity,” Fernandez said.

“Our plan is to unify Villanova’s campus and make each of these organizations act together. As a unified group, we can carry a lot of weight.”

In an effort to unify campus organizations Fernandez and McGovern started various committees they hope will play a major role on campus. These committees include Campus Improvements, the Nova Nation, Greek Life, SGTV, Athletics and Philanthropy, Concerns and Issues.

Fernandez and McGovern have also begun work on their platform promises, including reducing the stress associated with finding off-campus housing, making improvements to the West campus SEPTA station and creating a Main campus gym.

Along with these initiatives, SGA hopes to enhance the relationship that Greek Life has with the University, boost the Nova Nation and allow students to select their academic advisers.

“Many people have approached us on this issue,” McGovern said. “Students would rather speak to someone who they know and trust to give them academic advice.”

In a letter to the members of the 2003-04 SGA, Fernandez and McGovern wrote, “We look forward to making a lasting mark on this campus with your active participation and dedication. Through our campaign we presented many goals to the student body and we take very seriously our obligation to make those a reality this year.”

The meeting also included a review of the SGA mission statement. Approximately 50 SGA members attended the kickoff meeting.