Rocking long, rocking hard, rocking here

Vicki Winterhalter

Late into the night in the echoing halls of Dougherty, music can be found bouncing off the walls. Now I know what you are thinking, but no, it’s not Tom Mogan logging in some late night hours. It is the Villanova University radio station, WXVU 89.1 FM, located on the second floor of Dougherty Hall.

WXVU has been on the air since 1991 when the Federal Communications Commission approved the group and gave the University its own educational license. Villanova shares their FM radio wave half the week with Cabrini College, being on the air on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturday and Sunday. Listeners can also hear the various shows online through their computer’s Real Player. Under the direction of adviser Greg Potter, around 70 students participate in sharing their love of rock, pop, hip-hop, metal, punk and R&B.

“My favorite part of being on the radio is having the chance to express myself musically for the benefit of the community … that and the ladies love DJs,” jokes senior Greg Koch, who serves as program director. Koch’s job includes making the time schedules for each semester between all the disc jockey’s class schedules and desired time slots.

According to general manager Andy Gadomski, a senior who has been on the radio station for three years, any student who wants to get involved can contact him or Potter for details. Students are expected to go through a training session prior to going on air, and broadcasting from Real Player only for the first semester of their music show, before applying for a spot on the FM schedule.

“It’s fun working with many diverse people because you get to learn so many things that you sometimes take for granted,” Gadomski said. “It is also a lot of fun because we do have many similarities that we are able to play off each other. I also love the fact that everyone on the radio is friends with one another and that we are able to hang out when we’re not in meetings. It is very laid back and probably one of the best things I have ever been involved in.”

Upholding the greatest of professionalism, the DJs practice speaking through the microphones, taking callers’ requests, developing public service announcements, which are used as commercials, and keeping track of the top songs in various musical genres. WXVU, under the direction of Gadomski, also pairs up with other organizations to run different activities and shows as cross promotions.

Through the dedicated commitment of many Villanova students, the Wildcats will be able to listen to their favorite songs through their four years of education here.