Two arrested in campus assault

Kathleen Dooley

Radnor police officers arrested two men on West campus early Monday morning for an assault that authorities suspect may be tied to a Sept. 5 burglary in St. Clare Hall.

Mark Lipscomb, 21, not a University student, and Joaquin Roosales-Aramburu, 20, a University student, were arrested for simple assault, terroristic threats, harassment/stalking and disorderly conduct toward another male student. Public Safety classified the incident as simple assault resulting in serious injury.

Authorities suspect there may have been at least three other individuals involved in the assault.

“I assume [the arrested individuals] were friends,” Jeffrey Horton, director of Public Safety, said.

The burglary, which occurred during a party in a St. Clare apartment, resulted in the theft of a substantial amount of money, more than one purse and several smaller items.

Although the exact reasons why Lipscomb and Roosales-Aramburu were on campus at 1 a.m. Saturday remain unknown, Horton said “they were looking for someone who might have been at the party or who they have had contact with.”

Horton said more arrests may be forthcoming, as authorities are still gathering information.

Horton said the assaulted student had no connection to the St. Clare burglary. “He was in the wrong place at the wrong time,” Horton said.

The assaulted student was taken to a nearby hospital and has been treated for injuries.

As of press time, no one has been charged in the burglary. One purse has still not been recovered and a small amount of cash is still missing.