January 30th: That’s entertainment!

Entertainment Editors

* This past week, Hollywood engaged in one of its most meaningless excesses, The Golden Globe Awards. Among the big winners were “The Lord of The Rings,” “Mystic River” and indie uber favorite “Lost in Translation.”

* As for the big boy awards, nominations for the 76th annual Academy Awards were also announced this week. Among the biggest surprises was the Academy finally acknowledging humor as an art form with two best actor nominations for non-serious roles. Johnny Depp got a nod with his flamboyant pirate in Disney’s “Pirates of the Caribbean” as did Bill Murray’s turn as a coy, washed up actor in “Lost in Translation.” How many more times can we mention “Lost in Translation?” Just you watch!

* Also this week it was announced that the power couple known to it’s adoring public as “bennifer,” that being Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck of course, have decided to call off their engagement all together. (Witty line here. I got nothing)

* In what could possibly be the blandest half hour of television on this weekend (besides the actual Superbowl itself) is it’s ‘star-studded’ half-time show which includes such mediocre talent as Nelly, P.Diddy, Kid Rock, Aerosmith and Janet Jackson. Sounds about as hip as Al Gore in a flannel shirt.

* The American public has also been talking a lot about the latest season of “American Idol” which just started, proving that Americans are quite possibly the least cultured society since the Incas.

* In more reality show zaniness, people are buzzing over MTV’s latest opus “Til Death Do Us Part” which chronicles the historic pairing of Carmen Elektra and Dave Navarro. The couple that puts on make-up together stays together.