Style File: ‘Watch’ out

Kim Daileader

Finally it’s warming up! Spring is near, and after all this freezing weather I, for one, am exstatic. With the blossoming of flowers comes the flourishing of spring fashion: flip-flops, skirts, tank-tops, sandals, shorts, capri pants and sun dresses. All of these are essential to the spring fashion lines but none of these can be complete without the perfect accessories. Two fresh items that are up-and-coming this spring are ribbon watches and jelly purses. Wearing a ribbon watch can completely pull any ensamble together. The greatest thing about them is that you can choose color

combinations that can match with numerous outfits. They personalize what you are wearing making you stand out in a crowd of everyday boring watches. Watches used to be an accessory where there was no way to really go crazy; the craziest anyone could ever get was a different color face. The ribbons bring a whole new level to the table. You can have a polka dot watch, a leopard watch, a black and white stripped watch or a red and yellow checkered watch. On some of them you can even change the ribbons therefore never leaving you without something to wear on any occasion. With endless patterns and colors to choose from, no one can say that they will never find a watch that they adore.