“Villanofun” a wild ride

Megan Angelo

No one passing through Villanova’s campus over the past few weeks has been able to escape the ubiquitous advertisements for Villanofun, but not everyone knows exactly what it is.

Villanofun, is, in fact, the most controversial website on campus right now. Located at www.villanofun.com, the homepage features flashing pictures and the following quote: “This site is for the use of students only, and any university faculty/ administrator is unwelcome, unwarranted, and unnecessary.”

One of the purposes of the site, which contains message boards, polls, and pictures, seems to be to refute Villanova’s common reputation of lacking a social scene. But the students in the website’s photos appear never to have heard the taunt “Villanofun.” Scantily dressed and smiling, many students are captured doing keg stands or kissing. Some of the pictures on the site are scandalous enough to prompt the question of whether the photographed subjects consented to being posted on the site. However, Brad Laudal, a Villanova senior and the creator of the site, insists that before taking pictures, he informs individuals that they will be featured on the Villanofun site.

Laudal says that he started the site to provide a place where students could “interact and plan events.” After transferring to Villanova

in the fall of 2002 from the University of Delaware, Laudal found it difficult to break into the social scene and meet people. Though he has since adjusted, Laudal says he initially found the students to be “superficial and cliquish.”

Regardless of the character of the student body, Laudal points out that another negative part of Villanova’s social scene is that it is generally “a bar school, which can be extremely limiting.” He recognizes the fact that Villanova is not a big state school and as a result, there are fewer house and frat parties. He complained, however, that the infrequent parties that do occur aren’t open to everyone so most people are forced to put out money for cabs and drinks at bars.

Other student contributors to the website have chimed in, saying that having a social life at Villanova is far too expensive and that the amount frats charge for parties and clubs is entirely out of control.

Though neither Dean of Students Paul Pugh nor Assistant Dean of Students Ryan Rost had any comment on the website, Villanofun’s homepage implies that disciplinary measures have already been taken against it. A warning on the page cautions students not to give too much information in forums or messages. “Certain pictures have been removed from the site, links have been taken down, and changes will be made,” the statement reads. “The faculty at Villanova has decided to threaten suspension for underage kids drinking, partying, or just plain having fun.”

Laudal simply says that he hopes the student body “will grow closer through the site.”