Feb. 6: That’s Entertainment!

Entertainment Editors

* Janet Jackson’s slip-up faux pas was unquestionably the highlight of Super Bowl XXXVIII, launching an all-out investigation from the FCC and conspiracy cries from each side. Justin Timberlake denies any involvement. Apparently, a football game was played as well.

* Bennifer, America’s newest media mogul, continues to spellbind the entire nation with a ridiculous sensibility that even the biggest haters can’t help but love. In other news, Ben Affleck was recently spotted shopping for a gun license.

* Ashton Kutcher’s new flick, “The Butterfly Effect,” was tops at the box office this weekend raking in $17.1 million in its first week, contrary to initial public opinion. Also contrary to public opinion, the trucker hat will now be around for at least another six months.

* Entertainer Britney Spears requested some “Bond”-ing time this week with the producers of the next 007 movie, hinting at her secret desire to be a Bond girl. After her latest attempt at music, it seems that Ms. Spears is poised to continue ruining her career.

* In true form to performers ditching the groups that made them, Beyonce Knowles has finally fully established herself as a successful solo artist through her nomination for Record of the Year at the 46th Annual Grammy Awards. Regardless whether she wins or loses, a Weird Al parody is all but imminent.