Celebrating the single life

Laura Christopher

It’s coming. It’s the same time every year, and yet it seems to sneak up on you. Kamikaze style with its chocolate hearts and its red roses. That’s right … it’s Valentine’s Day.

It’s a fine day of love for those who have someone to love. But, what about those of us who are single? Is the day lost on us, just an ordinary day? Or worse, a depressing reminder?

So what are all the single people doing this Valentine’s Day?

“It’s movie day for us,” said freshman Lauren McKenzie of her V-Day plans with her two friends, Catie Fugazy and Jackie Reichhard.

The three single girls looked apprehensive when asked about Valentine’s Day, as though they had been exposed as having a terrible abnormality. “You want to meet someone special everyday, but on Valentine’s it’s extra depressing that you don’t have anyone,” sighed Lauren.

“But don’t get us wrong, we will be out Valentine’s Day night, meeting new people,” Catie chimed in while Jackie giggled at her side.

While the girls’ reaction to being single on Valentine’s Day is somewhat predictable, the boy’s feelings of a single V-Day, as with most boys feelings, is somewhat unclear. When asked about being on single on V-Day, a group of three anonymous junior boys reacted quite differently from the girls. They didn’t even flinch at saying they were single. They seemed confident and almost giddy.

“Well, I plan on eating a box of chocolates and watching sad movies and cry. That’s what you girls do, right?” said one of the misguided boys jokingly. “No, in all honesty, I love that I’m single and I will be out partying. It’s the one night of the year when every single girl is looking for someone to love,” he smiled.

The outlooks of these two groups are clearly poles apart. But nonetheless, being single won’t stop any of them from trying to make the best of the day.

There are plenty of things to do on campus this weekend that don’t require a party of two. You can live vicariously through the movies; the Cinema is showing “Love Actually.” If you’re of legal age, many bars in the area are having Valentine events. Send valentines to your friends. Call your mom. It is a day to show your loved ones you care, no matter what the relationship of the loved one is.

“Many people may feel a bit lonely on Valentine’s Day, but that’s all the more reason to surround yourself with the people who you care about. I’ve learned one thing from being single on so many Valentine’s Days, you need to have fun despite your personal life, or lack there of,” said one student in the law school.

Regardless of your feelings about the infamous holiday,Valentine’s Day will not be ignored. There will be plenty of pink and red flowers being delivered and people looking for love. Go out, be happy, embrace being single. Don’t let being unattached phase you. And you never know. Cupid could have an arrow waiting for you.