Pool sharks cue up in Cyber Lounge

Matt Trapani

No matter what time of day it is, people can always be found shooting pool in the Cyber Lounge of the Connelly Center. They stay for hours, playing countless games. Now these pool sharks have a home in the Villanova Billiards Club.

Sophomore Peter Baran, the club’s president, formed the group six months ago. A similar club existed at the University in the past, and the current club is quickly gaining momentum.

“It’s nice because now we have a budget and we can get the things we need,” Baran said.

The club, which meets Thursdays at 7 p.m., follows basic tournament rules. “It’s not the traditional St. Mary’s way of playing,” Baran said. “It’s a bit stricter.”

Club members pay $5 to join the club and play in brackets. The players then move on after winning the best out of three games. At the end of the semester the first, second and third place players win prize money.

At the end of last semester, the club held a $10 “buy-in” tournament for non-members. The tournament followed the normal club rules. Turnout was low, which Baran attributed to a lack of advertising.

Baran hopes to gain more notoriety for the club during this semester. Some students have expressed interest in a women’s league, which would function similarly to the current league, but with meetings on Tuesday nights.

According to Baran, in order for this new league to work well, there would have to be at least eight members. “It’s worth a try,” he said.

The club is upgrading their equipment to attract more serious players. Already the club has bought a “Sardon Tight Rack,” a more high-tech version of the standard triangle rack.

They are also planning on getting new cue sticks, which would only be available only for club members.

In addition to these improvements, Baran said that he would also like to move the pool table from the now defunct Holy Grounds in Good Counsel to the Cyber Lounge.

“The table is just sitting there,” he said. “So hopefully by the end of the semester we can get it moved.”