February 20th: That’s Entertainment!

Entertainment Editors

* The Fox network gave new meaning to the phrase ‘mental midgets’ this week when they unveiled their jaw-droppingly exploitative new reality TV show “The Littlest Groom.” The basic gist is that a little man chooses his ideal mate out of a pool of potential suiterettes. The monkey wrench this time is the eventual addition of normal size girls being thrown into the mix, in an effort to see if true love comes in all sizes? Either way, there’s no denying that Fox has reached an all time low. ZING!

* In what can be one of the most annoying displays of P.C. watch-dogging since the Superbowl (which, granted, was only about three weeks ago), CBS issued a public apology for what was seen as anti-native American sentiment during Outkast’s performance of “Hey Ya!” during last week’s Grammy awards. I don’t know why everyone is being so uptight about such miniscule details, just sit back and enjoy the a-maize-ing music.

* Everyone’s favorite Hollywood martyr, Mel Gibson continues to make headlines with his uber-controversial forthcoming film, “The Passion of Christ” which opens up nationwide next (Ash) Wednesday. With the passing of George Harrison last year, it seems as if the once mighty Beatles are no match for the now highly marketable Jesus.

* This week marks the final episode of HBO’s hit series “Sex and the City.” If she doesn’t dump that terrible, old Russian, I’m going to personally go over to Paris and shake some sense into her.

* Last week, Adam Sandler’s latest movie, “50 First Dates,” topped the box office raking with an impressive 45 million dollars this week, thus proving that 30 year olds who enjoy fart humor and still live with their parents do in fact have the ability to take out their special lady during Valentine’s Day weekend.