God save the Queen’s nails

Eileen M. Rafferty

A particular purplish hue has been labeled “Japanese Flower Garden.” “Blushington Palace” describes a specific shade of pink. A lustrous red coloration has been identified as “God Save the Queen’s Nails.”

Each of these newly named colors are various shades of nail polish. Originally known as purple, pink and red, these lavish substitutes reflect the budding desire to coddle oneself in luxury.

Why do people get manicures and pedicures? Is it because they wish to receive lavish pampering? Or are they truly concerned with healthy nails? Whichever the reason, beauty therapy has become a priority rather than an extravagance. Previously, people glamorized their nails only for special occasions. But now, many people schedule weekly appointments.

Furthermore, the number of men receiving nail treatment has significantly increased. With these increasing demands, more nail salons are constantly springing up. Strafford Nails, which opened last fall in Wayne, Pa., is one of the many salons to recently emerge.

Strafford Nails’ blinking, neon window display, which faces Lancaster Avenue, entices customers into the shop. Once inside, flashy images – which display women’s long, gorgeous nails – plaster the walls. These images serve as a channel directly into the buyer’s wallet. Another way Strafford Nails slinks money from its customers’ pockets is by providing special reductions. For example, if a customer wishes to receive a refill, and the employee has time to perform additional services, the customer will be offered a pedicure with the refill for a discounted price.

This salon’s success illustrates of the increasing indulgence people desire. Manicures and pedicures at individualized stations include massages with refreshing lotions and warm towels. Every shade of nail color, from flashy fuchsias to buoyant blues, is made available to customers.

Furthermore, they use quality nail polish like Misa, Revlon and O.P.I. Who wouldn’t want their nails to be painted with these premium polishes? In addition, the salon always has plenty of staff working, which guarantees customers a short wait. Strafford Nails plays the enticement game well.

Strafford Nails also has the mission of serving the community by providing quality nail care at reasonable prices. They succeed at this. First, their nail care is quality work, and most customers seem satisfied. Every customer tat was interviewed said she planned to return for more services.

Their offerings are quite extensive; in addition to nail care, they provide waxes and nail specialties, such as airbrushing. Furthermore, a customer is able to stroll in, without even scheduling an appointment and receive quality assistance within minutes. The staff members at Strafford Nails appear dedicated, working through their lunch breaks, fixing clumsy customers’ chipped nails and thanking clients for their business.

Although Strafford Nails is in business to make a profit, their prices are affordable, especially for college students. For example, manicures cost $10, and full sets and pedicures cost $25. “They did a great job and the prices are reasonable,” said one satisfied college student.

Another student commented on the salon’s overall effectiveness: “It was a great salon. I’m pleased with my nails and who doesn’t love to be pampered?”

So where does the problem lie? Does it lie with the nail salons, which attempt to deceive ordinary people by influencing them to empty their wallets for an hour of weekly extravagance? No, it doesn’t. It lies in society’s desire for luxury and pleasure.

Strafford Nails is cunning, yet earnest. They provide beauty treatments, and they run a thriving business. This is the Main Line. This is the society to which we belong, whether we like it or not. The newly developing nail salon trend can’t be blamed on businesses like Strafford Nails; it’s not their fault that humanity has become so self-indulgent.

If anything, nail salons are clever for finding a need and successfully filling it. If everyone wants to feel like Cinderella, the employees at Strafford will treat them that way, as long as they go home with the money they earned in their wallets.

One may call nail-care pampering, another may call it treating. But businesses like Strafford Nails call it an opportunity. So if you are interested in turning your chipped, gritty fingernails into a “Japanese Flower Garden,” then certainly “Save the Queen’s Nails” by enjoying the posh nail treatment offered at Strafford Nails.