Diversity brought to campus

Kimberely Fernandes

Of the many terms used to describe Villanova University, “diverse” is not usually among them. Villanova’s student and faculty population, especially in the context of race and ethnicity, is a homogeneous one. This is something the University is constantly criticized for, but, ironic as it may seem, I am not one of those critics. In fact I admire and respect our University for its efforts to increase diversity, and those efforts are a lot more concentrated and immediate than one might think. Granted, I have an insider’s view on this issue because I am the current President of Villanova’s Multicultural Student’s League.

Having assumed this position only three months ago, I can say with absolute certainty that it has been one of the most demanding, yet rewarding experiences of my life. While our “multicultural student ” population might be small, we are active. We have a lot to say and we say it clearly and proudly, and if there is any time that demonstrates this more profoundly, it is this week: Multicultural Week. Beginning on March 15 and running through the 20 we have prepared an agenda with plenty of activities and fun ways for the entire student body to be involved. For example, one could learn a popular Asian dance like “tinikling” (for those of us who are a bit culturally-challenged, it’s the dance with the sticks) on Monday, learn an Indian dance on Tuesday and watch a popular Hispanic movie on Thursday. Throughout the week MSL, in conjunction with Dining Services, is sponsoring a week of ethnic foods. These foods are ones that we eat everyday without giving a thought to its origin. That is, in fact, the point of the entire week. It is not to celebrate one nationality over another, but rather to raise a cultural awareness that we live in a diverse world and Villanova is a part of that world.

The week hits its climax on March 20 with our annual Multicultural Night. Starting at 6:30 p.m., food will be served in the Villanova Room, where the show will begin at 7:30 p.m. On behalf on the Multicultural Student’s League, I invite all of you to please attend and enjoy each other’s differences and celebrate diversity on Villanova’s Campus.