Zero 7 worth its sum?

Dan Scrima

The day “Simple Things” hit platinum in England in 2001, music fans were awaiting the next release from Zero 7. Fans were given their wish on March 1 with the release of the band’s second album, “When It Falls,” featuring the hit single, “Home.”

This album from Elektra Entertainment features many different artists, musicians and vocalists for “Simple Things,” with the additional vocals of Tina Dico, the voice of “Home.”

“When It Falls” is “a lush, sophisticated work” raved GQ. Zero 7 truly made a union between soft rock and soul, between music and passion.

Listening to this album makes you think about your life and its value. The soft melodies make for great music to lie down in your bed and fall asleep or do some homework. The relaxing mood set by Zero 7 while remaining passionate and focused is remarkable.

“Home,” the first single off their new album, was released on Feb. 23 and is simply an incredible song in every aspect. The song has a very warm tone with lyrics to match.

The song builds up and stresses a powerful climax that any music fan would appreciate. Many other songs on the album show both the band’s maturity and experience as well, including the quiet acoustic “Over Our Heads,” and the amazing vocals in “Somersault” and “In Time.”

“When It Falls” certainly has filled the expectations of Zero 7 fans all over the world, however, could it match up against the prestige of the platinum “Simple Things,” which sold millions of copies worldwide?

Zero 7 begin their tour in Europe, playing in Ireland, Sweden, Spain, Germany and Italy in March, April and early May. After Europe, it’s on to the U.S.A. for the second-half of May through mid-June, so be sure to catch one of their shows.

I, on the other hand, will most likely not be purchasing a ticket for myself during this tour. The music on this album is mature and well-organized; however, it’s a little too melancholy and lackluster for me.

Although they contain some very catchy vocal progressions and impressive musical organization, like Radiohead or Air, I cannot see this band jumping around stage or putting on any sort of show for the audience.

I enjoy my rock concerts with some eye-candy, with some pizzazz and with some excitement. Although the musical component is there, the music doesn’t call for any show. All in all, I believe Zero 7 will have a successful career as musicians that you read about and listen to, but you won’t go watch at the local arena.

Go out and pick up “When It Falls,” the new album from Zero 7, and while chilling in your dorm on a quiet night with either some homework to do or some sleep to catch up on, pop it in the stereo and let the music take you in.