Love in a hot minute

Laura Christopher

Fast food, quick money and instant gratification.  Nothing is fast enough or easy enough. In a world where time is the most precious commodity and anything to preserve it is worshiped, it was only a matter of time before love and dating were subject to this transformation.  Say goodbye to being set-up by a friend and so long to meeting a person at a club or bar.  There’s a new way to find Mr./Miss Right.  And, it’s a lot faster.  

It’s called “Speed Dating” – twenty-four candlelit, rose-topped tables in the Connelly Center was the setting for just such an event on April 2.  Sexual Offense Support (SOS) hosted a “Speed Dating” night on campus, inspired by the new trend in meeting people.  The popular radio station, Q102, provided music to set the mood of the night. SOS is an organization run through Peers Offering Wellness and Educational Resources (P.O.W.E.R.) and the Villanova Health Center.  It is designed to promote health and wellness on campus.  

Kappa Delta and Phi Sigma Kappa were also sponsors of this event at Villanova.  But, the purpose behind this event wasn’t only to find love for students. “We wanted to provide students with a safe, sober way of meeting new people,” senior Ryan Murphy, chairman of the event, said. “Speed Dating is a good way to find a good time and meet people in a sober and safe environment.”

Approximately 80 students took part in the night.  The students were divided up into pairs of girls and pairs of boys.  The pairs were given letters and numbers to identify each; and provided with sheets to rank the people they meet.  The pair of girls stayed at the table while the pair of boys moved to from each table.  The actual, individual date only lasted for five minutes.

Newly introduced couples tried to make conversation over the sounds of Brittney Spears’ “Toxic” coming from the speaker.  Conversation was prompted by a card on the table, suggesting things to talk about.  The card displayed everything from “what is your major?” to “have you had a life-changing experience?” to “what’s your sign?”  The event ended with a “Singles Mingle” dance and a raffle for those couples that were the most compatible. “I honestly think that two people could start a relationship from a night like this.” Kappa Delta freshman Courtney Betley said at the event.  “I mean you have a conversation, and hit it off.  I haven’t found anyone yet, but maybe after tonight I will.” Shooting from one table to the next making small talk and anticipating the next table of small talk doesn’t seem very romantic. However, it is quick, and quick often means painless.  Sweaty palms and awkward silences can only last for five minutes, until the time is up and you move to your next option. And who knows, maybe your soul mate is just one table away.