This ‘Trio’ keeps going

Daniel Scrima

It would be a very smart move for Vagrant Records to keep a strong hold on Alkaline Trio, because they have once again released an amazing album, “Good Mourning.”

Trio fans could not get enough of Matt Skiba (vocals, guitar), Dan Andriano (vocals, bass) and Derek Grant (drums) after the release of “Good Mourning” this past summer, and their popularity is growing quickly. Songs like “This Could Be Love,” “Emma” and “Blue in the Face” have the ability to captivate your ear and tickle your senses.

The dark, yet brilliant lyrics of Good Mourning show the band’s maturity since their rock-scene debut in 1997 and since then more and more fans started becoming religious about Trio.

Trio is at the brink of mainstream, and whenever it is they get there, they plan on staying around for a while. Skiba has had long awaited dreams of becoming huge, and the way Trio’s recent albums have evolved, this ever-present aspiration is growing close to reality.

Alkaline Trio is currently touring in California until mid-April, then after a month break they start up again, making their way back east through the summer. Look for shows in your area, because you will not want to miss a Trio show. I saw Trio in Irving Plaza in New York City this past summer before I was a real fan of the group, and after that it became religion.

I have since bought most of their albums, and will do anything to see them again. Their performances are electrifying, and as the crowd sings every word to every song you will feel the energy in the air.

Most shows they throw in some of their acoustic classics, and even then the aura of the crowd is amazing. When they performed “Blue in the Face” and “Enjoy Your Day,” I was in awe at the words being sung, and I became a true fan at that moment.

Pick up “Good Mourning,” and if you’re looking for more Trio after that, which I know you will be, pick up “From Here to Infirmary” and “Maybe I’ll Catch Fire.” It doesn’t even matter which album you happen to pick up; every track they record is brilliant.

For more information on Alkaline Trio, check out their very cool website at, where you could find awesome merchandise, touring information and media about the band.