El Terrorismo: Student shocked by attacks

Chau Che

Chau Che, a senior at Villanova, spent last semester abroad living with a host family in Madrid, Spain.I heard about the Madrid bombing that Thursday morning via an email and was in disbelief. It was only four months ago that I was in Madrid studying for a semester where in that time Madrid became a second home to me. For me, the event will always be one of those events that people remember how and what they were doing when they found out, like how everyone remembers what they were doing when they heard about Kennedy’s assassination of 9/11. The main bombing at the Atocha train station occurred four blocks from my host family’s home, a metro stop away. I could not believe that not only did this occur in Madrid, but occurred in my neighborhood.Upon hearing the news, I e-mailed my host family because I knew that the line that was bombed was the train line that my host sisters took to work every morning. Fortunately, I received news that my one sister had taken the line that left ten minutes before the bombing and my other host sister went to work late that morning so she missed the rush hour. I also spoke with one of my Spanish friends, Luisa, who said, “I saw the TV and it was horrible.  Now I prefer to go to places on foot.  “I’m very afraid because people say that it was Al-Queda, an Islam terrorism group, and they are fanatics.  I hope that this will never happen again.”  I was relieved to hear of the safety of my host family and friends, but it is still shocking to think that it was only four months ago that I lived by the scene of the tragedy.