Style File: April 2

Genevieve Giambanco

Torrential waves flooded spring runways as models turned, revealing flouncy, subtle curls. The look entrances the masses with shiny, unkempt sexiness, boycotting the stick-straight hair cult and embracing fresh-out-of-bed, remiss tendrils. Fashion heavweights Anna Sui, DKNY and Carolina Herrera abandoned flat, one-dimensional locks for girly, retro bounce. Instead of reaching for that straightening iron, turn away and reach for some product: work a dab of pomade while tousling; let hair air-dry, or tie into an unrully bun while still damp. Release when almost dry, and voila, beautiful ever-changing waves! Curvy movement in the hair plays up your best feature, while softening your worst. The intriguing distraction will draw attention from harsh jawlines or severe angles, adding flirty femeninity to your face’s frame.

This season’s take on the classic staple can be thrown over any outfit, come rain or shine. Old-school blah-beiges and hackneyed kakhis are a thing of the past this season. Runway royalty Velentino, Michael Kors and Perry Ellis packed a pretty punch to the trench, morphing classic into contemporary cool with tropical pastels and break-of-dawn blues. The trench has moved away from maturity and regressed in every way possible: not only have Cool-Aid colors replaced drab hues, but it’s shrunk. Once calf-touching lengths ruled it’s image; now, thigh-brushing profiles re-define a chicer A-lined crop, adding height to the woman wearing it and her good taste.