That’s Entertainment: April 2

Entertainment Editors

* This week, Kevin Smith’s new movie, “Jersey Girl,” opened in theaters across the country. Though lauded by many as being the perfect end to the Bennifer saga, the simple fact of the matter is that the film does not include Smith’s classic characters, Jay and Silent Bob, thereby decreasing its “hit” factor. Bong!

* Singer/songwriter Howie Day was arrested last Friday for locking a woman in a bathroom and breaking an eyewitness’s cell phone while they were trying to call police. Though the reason for this erratic behavior is currently unknown, authorities speculate it just wasn’t his Day.

* In a questionable, but quite welcome tour-de-force, 2004’s Lollapalooza will play host to the indie rock scene with acts like Morrissey, The Flaming Lips and Sonic Youth, thereby proving once and for all that the incredible alternative scene brought about by the early Lollapalooza is all but gone.

* While performing a spectacular but saucy dance routine at her Moline, Il., tour date, Britney Spears injured her knee, and subsequently pulled two shows off her tour. Though it seems to be more of an accident than a publicity stunt, it will nonetheless leave a lasting impact.

* As revealed by NBC earlier this week, Jay Leno has undergone contract renegotiations to host The Tonight Show until 2009. With a salary extension from $18 million to $25 million, the network is certainly allowing Leno to keep his chin up.