April 16: That’s Entertainment!

Entertainment Editors

* This week, Michael Jackson was slapped with another child molestation charge, this time from a young man who claims to have been molested in the late ’80s. In other news, Macaulay Culkin has risen back to the mainstream.

* Over Easter weekend, Mel Gibson’s controversial “The Passion Of The Christ” rose back to the number one spot at the box office, raking in an estimated $18 million. Having already made $355 million at the movies, we can already smell a sequel.

* Just when you thought the music industry could go no lower, American Idol reject William Hung’s debut album made it into the Top 40 last week. With success like this, Hung might just have prolonged stardom “covered.”

* After three years of being left in peace, the Backstreet Boys have reunited and are working on a new record. Instead of making a pointless effort to go see them in concert, why not go see El Guapo at the Connelly Center this Friday? They’re not a boy band and they’re on Dischord Records, so you can’t lose.