Late nights at the library

Falvey Memorial Library will be open additional hours prior to final exams this year. Beginning on Tuesday, April 13, the library will be open on Sunday, Monday and Tuesdays until 3 a.m.

As for the final exam period, beginning Friday, April 30, with the exception of Saturday night until midnight, the library will be open until 3 a.m. Please see the clip out schedule accompanying this article. Services will be very limited during these times. Usage statistics from these times will be reviewed with interested parties at a later date.

This year, when Falvey Memorial Library was approached by the Student Government Association to request later hours in preparation for final exams, hours as late as 5 a.m. and 24 hours, seven days a week were considered. The Public Safety Office was also contacted, since concerns for patron and student worker safety warranted additional review. Though renovation plans have taken into consideration a late-night study area for the future, a 24/7 schedule could not be accommodated at this time. However, through the efforts of some part-time staff and student workers, several more days until 3 a.m. have been scheduled.

It is still recognized that many students wish to use the Library much later than current hours. While current statistics have not entirely demonstrated this, the Library remains willing to test new services and hours and gather new statistics. To that end, renovations to Falvey’s first floor are in the works.

One example of newly planned services is a secure late night commons and lounge area with a separate entrance and rest room.

Article courtesy of the staff of Falvey Library.