Style File: Beauty and the ballgown

Genevieve Giambanco

Dressing for a night on the town these days is all fluff, literally. A return to the glamour of bygone eras swings back into full force this spring through clean, feminine fabric and cupcake colors. Modern day Cinderellas will find the perfect fit in Oscar de la Renta’s flowy runway hit, bringing the pouty, full-skirt look of the ’50s officially back in. Torso-hugging lines that contour feminine shoulders billow outward from the hips to bring a calf-peeking girly, Marilyn Monroe stride to any girl’s walk.

Too fragile for that glass slipper? Take a cue from Dorothy and finish off the sugary sweet evening look with all that glitters. Hot off the Viktor & Rolf spring runway, these round-toe classics add an unparalleled punch with whimsical glitter. Fabulous accessories let you play dress-up without the fantasy. Click your heels three times in these ruby reds and you’re sure to have as much fun as your heart desires.