Movie review: ‘The Last Shot’

Meredith Hiester

“The Last Shot” is geared towards an audience that knows a thing or two about film, but even if you’re not an expert, you will still find this flick entertaining. The jokes are a little corny, but that’s probably because the movie was written to be intentionally bad for comedic effect.

Joe Devine, played by Alec Baldwin, is an FBI agent who concocts a brilliant plan to catch Tommy Sanz (Tony Shalhoub), a head mobster. He knows that Tommy controls a group called the Teamsters who are in charge of a trucking company and that they are the perfect way to reach the mob connections. He logically reasoned that if he made a movie, he would have a good excuse for needing a large quantity of trucks.

At the same time, Steven Schats (Matthew Broderick) is dreaming of making it big in California while working part-time at a movie theater. His girlfriend is also an aspiring a star, but failing miserably, so when Joe comes to them wanting to make one of Steven’s movies, they are both very excited. They probably should have been a little skeptical considering the fact that they are filming a movie about the Grand Canyon in Rhode Island, but Steven believes that this is his big break. Unfortunately to the girlfriend’s horror, a nominated actress named Emily French enters the scene and tricks her way into the role of the leading lady. The ending is a happy one but also rather predictable.

Some may argue that this film is a bit raunchy with vulgar language, a few sexually explicit situations and a questionable urination scene, but it is generally acceptable for mature audiences. I encourage all movie-lovers and film – students to go see this because a lot of the movie focuses around fulfilling your dreams and the thrill of creating a movie of your own.