The Real World Philly: Episode 1

Nick Sampogna

By now I imagine if you haven’t seen the premiere of “Real World: Philadelphia” then you probably overheard a conversation, or even took part in one yourself pretending to know what was going on. Well, to save the time of re-watching the hour-long episode, here you go:

-No, “there” were no trips to Pat’s or Geno’s … although there was a run up the famous “Rocky” steps. I guess that qualifies for something.

-Yes, the house rocks. It is a pimped-out, renovated bank on the corner of Arch and 3rd Street. The house comes equipped with the standard hot tub, confessional, awesome bedrooms and lounge rooms, pool table and probably the coolest locker room/bathroom on any “Real World” house.

-The introductions were like the beginning of any other season; everyone unsure of what to expect of their roommates, and snap judgments of attractiveness. Many of the roommates were quick to assume Willie’s sexuality, and to ask about boy/girlfriends among the cast.

-Among other clubs and bars in the city, the cast made their way to Shampoo on one of their “gay nights.” The whole cast seemed to have a good time at the club, and I definitely began to see the wild, party side of both Landon and Shavonda.

While talking to two sophomore guys, one said, laughing, that he “does not like to cause or deal with drama, but I love to watch it on that show,” while the other just enjoyed “seeing the sites of Philadelphia on television.”

Junior Heather Lavigne, while hinting that “Someone needs to run over that Sarah with a SEPTA bus,” brought up a very different, but welcomed opinion; “I’m just wondering what MTV is going to do this season; if they’re going to help defy these racial stereotypes (and, in my opinion, go back to tackling issues that made “The Real World” popular in the first place) or if they’re going to [continue with] the type of program they’ve become over the past few years, perpetuating stereotypes and irritating America.”

Heather makes a good point, and that MTV has strayed from their initial intention to see how seven strangers interact in a new living situation.

We will all have to keep watching to find out more … stay tuned for next week’s episode. From the looks of the upcoming scenes, this season will include a job for a local football team, a trip to a tropical island and much more drama.