Style File

Genevieve Giambanco

NEW YORK, NY – A swash of breezier winds and drier days has New Yorkers retiring their gauzy summer threads and turning over a fashionably new leaf. In the not-quite-fall-but-definitely-not-summer limbo of weather-pressed wearables, season-straddling standout pieces bully hard-working wardrobes everywhere. Salvaging with-it looks in these transitional days requires fine-tuned maintenance, keeping it current by investing in key make-or-break detail. Wear this week’s crush on your sleeve, but keep your heart in the season’s classics; these trends may fleet as quickly as they make you flutter. Take heart – the deafening buzz from capelets and thick belts is louder than a cab on Broadway and turning up faster than a New York minute.

On the radar: capelets

The temporary fix for those too proud to go unpolished and too sensible to swelter in a jacket, a dose of Old Hollywood makes the rounds in all walks of life. No longer donning the milky shoulders of dainty damsels, capelets add a frilly thrill to everything from V-neck tees to Valentino gowns. Saucing up vixens in versions of fur, velvet, tweed and lace-trimmed numbers, there’s enough style to go around – and then some.

On the street: Thick, all-purpose belts

Tear the conventionally placed belt strung dutifully through the archaic loops on your pants and repeat – b-o-r-i-n-g! No longer will you stand ideologically by your belt as a means to the end of falling pants, but rather, as an end in itself! The belt is slouching all-over Manhattan waistbands, freed from hip-arrest everywhere and rebelliously being worn simply for itself. Haphazardly defining sweaters, dresses, billowing blouses and the like, the look-of-the-moment revives chunky, detailed, retro belts of bygones past. Unfortunately, size does matter this week, as the single-inch variety just won’t do. Go big or go home, less-than-large need not apply.