Fall fashion faults

Leanne Armstead

Yes, fashion followers – it’s that time again. The leaves are falling, the temperature is dropping and that cute Rampage camisole must be put away until next summer. Fall is upon us! But the subject – matter of awesome autumn attire still plagues our Manolo – filled minds. It’s not hot yet it’s not cold. It’s not Lilly Pulitzer, yet it’s not Northface. So I dare to ask the question: what do your wear during a season that is obviously confused? When is it too late to wear halters but too early to wear Uggs? I have witnessed a mixed testimony on this inquiry. Many have already unleashed their timberlands and Uggs. All the while, some others are continuing to wear their tanks and mini-skirts. Well, my verdict is in. If the sun is shining and the weather is warm, you are at liberty to wear tanks, halters and any other remnants of your sublime summer. I might be going out on a limb saying this, but yes, you can even wear Uggs during nice weather. (They have a cooling system inside the boot, but make sure the fur is not visible.) Nevertheless, when the temperature is eagerly decreasing it’s time to say goodbye to spaghetti straps and hello to longsleeves. Break out the EMS fleeces, before another fashion emergency occurs! Wear what is comfortable to you and what will not make you too hot or cold. However, don’t wear your new Northface in 70 degree weather just because you think it’s cute. And don’t wear a tank in 30 degree weather because you feel like showing some skin. You cannot bring summer back and you cannot rush winter. Simply have fashion-filled fun in fall!

Many fashion-offenders have surfaced since my arrival. I am very proud to expel them from our stylish society and put them behind bars where they belong until their sense of not only fashion but also eyesight drastically improves.

Crime #1: White clothing after Labor Day. I know none of your mothers would have let you walk out of the house in a white mini after Sept 6. It is a known fact that you are simply not allowed to wear white after Labor Day. Although the sun shines and the weather is warm, white should not be part of your daily regimen. Beige, cream and off-white are clearly admirable substitutes. However, people cannot seem to comprehend that after Labor Day white should not be seen again until Easter. Therefore, keep the white out of your fall collection. Has anyone ever seen “Serial Mom?” First fashion offense; breaking the all-time most important fashion rule. Go strait to jail!

Crime #2: Yes, I know. You love your school. Fight, fight, fight, for Villanova, but do not neglect your fashion obligations. Throwing on your old OC shirt and some Villanova sweats, not to mention that same Villanova cap you bought Candidates’ Day hardly constitutes as acceptably cute couture. I mean, I love Villanova too, but it’s kind of a given that you attend the school. You do not need to broadcast it all over your wardrobe. I am not saying to totally discard all of your Villanova apparel but do not overdose on how often you wear it. Here’s what to do: instead of shopping at the University store, take a shuttle to King of Prussia and have a ball. Go crazy. And when you return with such likeable labels as Gucci or Prada, that cute football player or hot cheerleader will be giving you more school spirit than you can handle. Take my advice. Don’t make another regrettable runway blunder. Leave the Villanova gear for homecoming. Second fashion offense: Spending all your Wildcard dough on VU gear.

I leave you with some words of wisdom: If you are not a character on Sex and the City, do not try to be. Personal style is supreme. Also, fashion is life and matching is a technique for survival. How do you wear it? Until next week, my fashion friends!