Main Line eateries calm the munchies

Laura Christopher

It’s 1:30 a.m..  You are a regular college student.  You just got home from a night full of socializing, drinking … ahem, soda, and maybe even some dancing.  You get back to your room, enviably you will be hungry.  Not just hungry.  But starving, last-meal hungry.  You forget about the diet, the hours at the gym, the late hour of night and you need food.  So the question remains, what should you eat?  Or rather what can you eat? Luckily, businesses know this fact about college students.  And they are ready and willing to accommodate.  Even very late at night.  One of the most popular late night craving filler is the nearby Campus Corner.  

Campus Corner has been there, faithfully, quenching the munchies with a variety of scrumptious foods, from greasy to leafy.  Campus Corner owner, John Iezzi states that college kids, whether they be from Cabrini to Villanova, make up about 75 percent of all his business.  And, while the business they get isn’t only from late night orders, it stills makes up a good deal. “Let’s face it, college kids stay up late.  They study, party, hang out, whatever.  And then they get hungry,” said Iezzi.  He also notes that his business is not as active when school is out.  “Of course, business is a lot slower during the summer months.  

But things pick right up when the kids get back,”  Iezzi said. But, of course, there are other places to fill those late night cravings besides Campus Corner.  

One of them happens to be right on campus.  Second Storey, on West Campus in St. Mary’s Hall, is also a popular spot to fill stomachs in the very early morning hours.  Here, famished students can take their pick of ready-made food, or food they want to make for themselves. “It gets crazy in here at night.  The students get the munchies after the bars.  Thursdays and the weekends are insane,” said Donna Janda, a worker at Second Storey. While business definitely picks up with the late nighters, it doesn’t necessarily mean they pick spirits up.  At times, the late night eaters aren’t always a pleasant experience for the workers. “Oh, nobody cleans up and they make a big mess with all the food they eat,” said Mary-Lou Abbadessa.  “We usually stay a half an hour later cleaning up wrappers, food on the windows.  It’s just a mess.” It is an undeniable fact that college students get an uncontrollable desire for gastronomical satisfaction.  It is also a fact that there are plenty of places that can fill this need.  

Whether you choose pick-up or delivery, on campus or off, there are two things to keep in mind; clean up after yourself and watch out for the freshman (or sophomore, junior, or senior) 15.  Other than that, Bon Appetit.