Style File Citywise

Genevieve Giambanco

New York, NY-In its post-Convention state-of-mind, New York’s fashion forward street cred is on the rebound as last week’s style scene suffered an influx of boxy pantsuits and Amish-inspired tunics á la over-the-(Capitol) Hill panache.

Not to worry, though, hipsters in every neighborhood are doing their part and taking to the streets to protest the tapered-leg ambush via rock star jeans and impractical shoes.

Hungry to hear about this week’s look rising in the fashion polls? Perhaps the Republican Convention had more influence than it bargained for, as Dubya’s hometown staples are all the rage for both men and women riding the urban cowboy craze.

On the radar: Wrangler 47

Uptown girls and downtown boys alike are slipping into Wrangler 47’s – the answer to dowdy-denim-phobes and label-whores alike. The classic Wrangler label abandons it’s dirt-path roots and takes the high road among a bevy of luxury-priced jeans. Donning the fast-paced strides of one-step-ahead New Yorkers, this reborn label is surfacing on Park Avenue princesses as easily as garage band queens.

On the street: Vintage cowboy boots

Paired with everything from drop-waist minis to the buzz-worthy Wrangler 47’s, the downtown scene is making noise in stiff, vintage numbered cowboy boots. In free-for-all fashion, they’re stepping all over Manhattan in everything from ’80s-hued turquoise to blasted black leather.

They may be turning up in every color, but here’s something that’s not turning the corner: patent leather or anything of the brand-spanking-new variety. Vintage is key; anything with a telltale squeak looks like you’re trying too hard. And in New York, that’s not an option – that’s a virtue.