Style File Citywise

Genevieve Giambanco

NEW YORK, NY-Teeming with the ebb and flow of New York Fashion week, Manhattan’s chicest showcases aren’t parading down the runway, they’re running a mock-necked frock parade from Sotheby’s to SoHo. But where’s the best place to scout the slinky stunners? In the office, of course! Dissolve your business-casual preconceptions and learn what office clothes mean to fashion magazines. Reporting as an intern from inside the closed doors of Harper’s Bazaar magazine, I have a fiercely watch-and-learn workload: watch editors work it and gasp at what they come to work in.

Expand your stiff-collared wardrobe, Villanova; those in the know don’t mark North Face as a notable.

In the office: Round-toe or peep-toe vintage pumps

Sure, the Manolo standard still prevails among weathered fashionistas, but this season, Bazaar’s editors are strutting in straight, thick-heeled feminine numbers of the round and peep toe flock. A full-circle comeback of voluptuous ’50s detail is striding the hallways, along with red, violet and teal-colored suede finds from the all-around-worshipped design guru, Marc Jacobs.

Layered necklaces

Baubles and broaches are dazzling hits in the office accessory scene, but none out-shines like the latest trend in layering. Ladies of the old-pearl school along with newbies of the choker age are experimenting in tandem with the flapper-inspired piling of mixed lengths and textured strands. Paired with the office-favorite look of classic sweater-sets and this-nano-second luxury jean, chunky stones and long, beaded threads bring an affable edge to no-nonsense editors.

Gold, gold everywhere

Style-laden lifestyles of Bazaar editors seem to be catering to their gilted pleasures, accessorizing with legions of gorgeous, sunny, gold. From Michael Kors’ glamorous, metallic spin on the Birkenstock, to Vera Wang’s swollen, sequin-happy collection, summer’s golden trademark transcends seasons with its look-at-me luster surfacing in simply sewn detailing to blinding bling alike.