The Real World Philly: Episode 4

Nick Sampogna

Hello, Real World fans; hope you all enjoyed the episode this week. I found it to be, interesting. I usually watch the show with a bunch of my friends; we call it our “real world party.” I know some of you are laughing at me right now, but there are most likely a good number of you who are silently agreeing because you either do the same thing, or because you are in my room on Tuesdays watching the show with me. But, I digress.

This week was very much the “talking about our problems week,” as we see Shavonda and Karamo share some of their issues, and other roommates deal with their feelings.

Shavonda talks with Sarah early in the episode about childhood parental abuse and how she has been “on her own” since she was 17. This really affected Sarah, who was brought to tears because she had never heard such a story, and because she could not believe how strong and beautiful Shavonda was, from the inside and out.

A little later on in the show, Karamo, Landon and MJ are out in a club, and out of nowhere, Karamo is stopped by a crowd of police officers and is asked if he has a gun. Karamo reacts sourly to this, because this type of stuff has happened to him far too often. However, what got him more excited was that when he called to MJ for help, his cries were drowned out by the music while MJ was talking to a girl.

Upon the matter being resolved with the police (somewhat), Karamo and MJ argue about what had happened, and this argument found its way back to the house.

While, to me, Karamo was right about MJ and Landon not being able to comprehend the anger in his heart about such racial profiling, I also thought that he needed to have handled the situation with the police more calmly.

Perhaps it is just me also not being able to relate to such a situation, but I always think that responding to authority calmly and rationally is the best way to avoid being misunderstood and having further problems.

MJ and Karamo need to fully handle this important misunderstanding, because it can easily affect the status of their friendship in the house.

Stay tuned for next week, when the roommates get the news about their new job.

‘Nova Students Speak Out…

“Personally, I think that MJ needs to chill and realize that he comes from a different background than Karamo.”

-Joseph Hawkins, freshman

“Shavonda is such a strong person to have overcome all she said she has dealt with in her lifetime. I admire her strong will and determination.”

-Melanie Rozek, sophomore

“I thought that Karamo was right to be outraged at the racial profiling, and that the other guys needed to be more receptive to that because they really never experienced anything on that level before.”

-Jason O’Brien, junior