Are you ready for some college football? The Oracle is

Phil Consuegra

Alright everyone. It’s back. You can stop dreaming, stop wishing, and stop waiting.

College football has made its triumphant return. And, as usual, Phil has an opinion on it. He has many opinions on the first week, so read on as the Oracle will put it all in perspective for you.

We’ll focus on the Top 25. There were plenty of ramblings there, even though no Top 25 teams lost.

There were close calls and blowouts, but we’ll figure it all out. Just bear with me. We’ll start at the top.

USC lost Mike Williams but beat Virginia Tech in Washington. Impressive, but yet again this season, they have a less than impressive schedule. The best team they play? Cal on October 9th. Trust me, with this schedule, USC can get through undefeated.

I don’t feel the need to address Oklahoma. Let’s just put it this way: they’re good. They’re really, really good.

Georgia seems destined for greatness. They’re focused and determined. Senior QB David Greene and senior DE David Pollack returned for one reason: the Orange Bowl. Will they get it? In this reporter’s not-so-humble opinion, it’s theirs to lose.

LSU provided some of us with excitement as they almost fell to Oregon State in two OTs. They should have lost. How bad must that Oregon State kicker feel? Miss three extra points and cost them the game. Wow. But don’t count LSU out. They’re the kings of close calls, and Nick Saban won’t let that happen again.

A team that I continue to be impressed with is Texas. Maybe this year they can actually get the job done and play to their potential. After their annual 65-0 drubbing of North Texas, the Longhorns are in it to win.

The team to look out for this season: West Virginia. Kay-Jay Harris will give me something to write about in the coming weeks. Add that to a weak Big East, thanks to the departure of Miami and Virginia Tech, and this team could make some serious noise in November.

Another team to watch out for is Iowa. Their Big Ten schedule will let us know just where they stand in the college football world.

Tennessee looked surprisingly strong against UNLV. Granted, it was against UNLV, but QB Brent Schaffer was seven for 10 for 125 yards. Not bad for an 18 year old’s debut. Phil Fulmer’s squad was very balanced on Sunday night and gave us a quick taste of what to expect this season. The real test? This week against Florida. Lucky for the Vols, they get them in Neyland Stadium. Lucky for Ron Zook and the Gators, they don’t have to play in the Swampe.

Clemson has run into a problem early on in the season. They couldn’t run the ball against lowly Wake Forest, and they needed two OTs to put away the Deacons. Jason Whitehurst needs to have a talk with his line and get that running game in order. Otherwise, he’ll be hurting before the end of the season. That, my friends, is a big problem.

Virginia looked good in its opener, but Miami and Virginia Tech are in the ACC now, and between them and Florida State, any other team can kiss their hopes for a conference championship goodbye. Maryland just narrowly beat Northern Illinois, and that’s not a good omen for the Terps this season.

A team that many people were discussing after this weekend was Purdue. Are they really that good? No. Is Syracuse really that bad? Yes.

Minnesota should give us something to watch this season. Their schedule is nice and easy, with tests against Michigan and Iowa. The Gophers’ running back Laurence Maroney should be exciting and fun to read about.

Finally, some teams that didn’t play this week that I have my eye on:

Florida. Chris Leak will be in Heisman contention. Whether he wins is up to him and Ron Zook.

Florida State. Even though Miami is in the ACC, you never ever count out a team coached by Bobby Bowden.

Miami. Friday night’s postponed game against FSU will set a great tone for the rest of the season.

And for all you Notre Dame fans, including myself, just stop thinking about it. It’s not going to happen. After the embarrassing loss against BYU, the Irish will be lucky to go 6-6. Maybe Brady Quinn’s receivers will get better in a week because Michigan will be ready.

Game of the week: Since this past Saturday’s game between Miami and Florida State was postponed to this Friday, that is your game of the week.