The Real World Philly: Episode 2

Nick Sampogna

The Philly scene definitely heated up this week, with some relationship tension up in the air, and a little more depth to our “Real World-ers.” To quickly re-cap the episode for you readers, here’s what you missed Tuesday night:-It comes out pretty early in the episode that Sarah likes MJ more than she probably claims to, which leads to a partial kiss that MJ claims not to remember.-The roommates go to the Glam Club and after some initial drama with Sarah and some help from Landon, MJ manages to meet and get rather friendly with a girl.-Landon and Shavonda seem pretty friendly themselves, and both admit in the confessionals to having some feelings (crushing, if you will) on each other.-MJ breaks it off with his girlfriend from home, Ashley, claiming he is afraid of the prospect of being unfaithful to her. And, after some more drama back at the house between MJ and Sarah, the two make amends, and share a kiss or five. Look out for next week’s episode, which from the looks of things, will be just as steamy. Willie brings a guy home, and I’m sure the MJ/Sarah drama will heat up. Stay tuned!

‘Nova Students Speak Out…

“This was the weird break-up episode, where everyone broke off their ties to home so they could do what they wanted (and who they wanted) in Philly.” -Joe Hawkins, freshman

“I think Landon is adorable. The way he acted when he was flirting with Shavonda was so cute. It was a bad idea to talk to her drunk, but he was so cute about it.” -Geetika Muir, sophomore

“The show needs to give all the people more face time. I didn’t even know who that Melanie girl was. Also, I don’t find it believable that Sarah acts the way she does and claims she ‘respects herself.’ That is hard to believe.” -Danielle Thacker, sophomore