Escape from Tiffany’s

Tracy Ferra

If you’re anything like the rest of the fashion world, you’re sick of seeing every girl sporting the ubiquitous Tiffany heart tag bracelet or open heart necklace. These pieces may be classic and simple favorites, but this fall it’s time to break out jewelry with a little more personality.

According to Deirdre Silfan, a sales associate for Nordstrom fine jewelry, colorful, bulky items, such as charm bracelets, brooches, or rings are necessary. Says Silfan, “The look right now is creative. We’re moving towards trendy, funkier pieces.”

One must have for the season is a brooch or pin. Brooches can be anything from big tweed flowers to sparkly, multicolored gem clusters. According to Glamour magazine, brooches belong “on anything tweed,” the hot material this season. Public relations rep Chris Morris from trendy chain Anthropologie says pins should “definitely be used to clasp cardigans and jackets.” Anthropologie’s collection boasts vintage enamel, pearl, and diamond pins, the perfect complement to this season’s ladylike look.

As a PR rep at Tiffini Dooris jewelry explained, gemstones are “the best part of any piece of jewelry.” The Tiffini Dooris collection includes gold necklaces with dangling Italian coral, jade, and moonstone. NYC jewelry company Fragments, a favorite of celebs like Britney Spears and Cameron Diaz, livens up their collection with stones as well. Popular items include a Chan Luu amethyst and silk organza necklace for $130, and Chan Luu pearl and silver chandelier earrings for $105.

Cocktail rings are another must have this season. Tiffini Dooris has twisted gold wire rings with giant faceted blue quartz chunks, and peridot cluster rings that hover in the affordable $80-130 price range. Nordstrom’s has stackable supersized silver and semiprecious stone rings, available on their website.

And if you like the look of cocktail rings, but find the bright baubles tacky, check out Adina Design’s disc ring – it’s a simple, half inch flattened circle in silver or gold. Morris’ only rule with rings? “Keep hands simple- one big ring, and no ostentatious bracelets or flashy manicures.”

So why the move away from Tiffany jewelry? Silfan attributes this to the vintage look that celebrities are popularizing. “Girls see the Olsen twins, or Sienna Miller, or Kate Moss, and appreciate their creative, individual look.” This seasons’ jewelry, with its whimsical and nostalgic vibe, allows people to express their individuality. As Morris said, “Tiffany jewelry is beautiful, but when everyone wears the same thing, there’s only so much of a statement you can make.”