The Real World Philly: Episode Eight

Nick Sampogna

Hey there, reality fans. I got very lucky this week; I nearly missed the show because I was at the Eastern State Penitentiary (no, I wasn’t an inmate) at the haunted house and got back to ‘Nova at 9:58 … talk about clutch.This week was full of good things to talk about; I am not even sure where to start. One of the biggest things that happened this week (to me) was Shavonda’s worries about Landon’s drinking, which also took a toll on the chances of a hook up between them. Whereas as the episode began, both Landon and Shavonda saw it going one way or the other soon, the episode’s conclusion presented a different story. Landon definitely needs to become more aware of how he acts when he is drunk, but I would not necessarily say he is out of control. Melanie and Sarah are seemingly becoming better friends, although they still tend to talk behind each other’s back about the other. I could predict some drama, but we all know it’s bound to happen anyway. The girls took part in an adoption fair for young, abandoned or orphaned animals, which definitely seemed like a bonding experience for them both. Melanie, however, took a slight turn towards sketchy when she proclaimed that night that she had found a local bar that was “just her hangout” and that “none of the roommates are allowed to go there ever,” to which I can understand the need to have an outlet to get away sometimes, but that borders on rude.Sarah also brought up her battle with bulimia in her childhood, and it was refreshing to remember that these people are real people, not stereotypes broadcast onto a screen for the enjoyment of a viewing public. I always find it interesting to see how different people interact with each other, especially when comparing life experiences, life styles and other personal characteristics. It makes me think fondly of the differences we all enjoy and the freedoms we can sometimes take for granted.Next week, we see Shavonda loosen up a bit on the phone as a clip was shown of her yelling and fighting with her ex-boyfriend. I don’t know about you, but I am completely looking forward to where their vacation is going to be; I thought last season’s trip to Greece was amazing. Only time will tell.

‘Nova Students Speak Out

“I thought it was very admirable that Melanie and Sarah gave their time to find homes for the lost or orphaned kittens.” -Kara Smith, sophomore

“I don’t think that it was completely fair of Shavonda to ask Landon to stop his drinking.” -Danielle Thacker, sophomore

“Sarah and Melanie seem like good friends now, but their personalities clash too much; I wonder how much longer their closeness will last?” -Joseph Hawkins, freshmen