Asian flavor to savor

Daniel Davis

Yang Ming1051 Conestoga Rd.Bryn Mawr610-527-3200

Craving Chinese food but undecided on where to go? If you are interested in a formal dining experience and starved for great Chinese food, I would highly suggest all foods found within Yang Ming Restaurant in Bryn Mawr. Upon entering the establishment, you will be greeted by an amiable host aiming to satisfy you. The cordial atmosphere is refreshing in comparison to most foreign-food restaurants, but there is still that alienated aspect which is so hard to avoid in an Asian restaurant. The bland hue of white with tan and dim lighting supply the interior with an almost morose mood, yet at the same time, manage to provide a calming effect. The seats are moderately comfortable and the menu has a limited variety in Chinese foods. Unique appetizers accompany the usual Chinese soups (wonton and hot and sour) and the prices will range in the neighborhood of $5-12 dollars. Entrées will cost a customer $12-25, depending on which meal he or she chooses. Expect to pay in the vicinity of $28 dollars for a filling plate of Chinese food.

My dinner began with the regular (ice water with a lemon) and my perusal of the numerous appetizers. I debated on what to get, but my final decision consisted of wonton soup, dumplings and the firecracker steak (spicy) (My companion also ordered orange chicken and General Tso’s Chicken). Let me begin with the wonton, because its presentation was superb and the savory taste it left in my mouth made me yearn for more. After my scrumptious soup, I continued on to some very delicious dumplings. Onto the entrees: my firecracker flank steak was to die for and could not have been more flavorful. The spicy peppers provided zest and the accompanying rice was excelent. My meal vanished soon thereafter due to divine sensations in my mouth.