Girls will have fun with ‘Jones’ sequel

Kimberly McMurray

If Jane Austen were to write a sequel to “Pride and Prejudice,” I doubt it would end up anything like the new blockbuster (based on Helen Feilding’s novel) “Bridget Jones: the Edge of Reason.”

The film picks up four weeks after the conclusion of the original, with Bridget Jones (a much plumper, but no less delightful than usual Renee Zellweger), a modern day Elizabeth Bennet, in a extreme state of bliss caused by her new found love with, uncoincidently named, Mark Darcy (played by the wonderful Colin Firth). He’s a human rights lawyer, as Bridget reminds the audience at least six times in the first 20 minutes.

Of course, all can not stay perfect for the leading lady, who, armed with a new diary, is set out to record the year. She is finding it hard to believe that perfect, underwear-folding, upper class and uptight Mark Darcy could love her exactly the way she is, especially with the introduction of new intern Rebecca (played by Jacinda Barrett of MTV’s “Real World” and “Ladder 49”), who, as well as always saying the right thing and knowing how to ski, as Bridget puts it, “has legs up to her ears,” while Bridget’s legs only come up to her hips.

Only more drama is created with the return of Daniel Cleaver (Hugh Grant, the second cutest guy with an English accent), who is intent on winning Bridget’s heart back, even if just for a night. Daniel is the sleaze-ball that every woman falls in love with, at least for an hour.

Though at the times, the plot seems anything but realistic (who ever would have thought that our favorite English singleton could end up in a Thai jail cell?), and can have you rolling your eyes, a rainbow and sunshine never fail to follow Bridget wherever she goes. Her quirky way of looking at the world, and the embarrassing situations that she finds herself in will keep you giggling through the entire film.

If you are not at all familiar with the story line of the first film, you might find yourself asking your neighbor for background information a few times during the movie, but you should be able to keep up without too many “shhs” from the people around you.

“Bridget Jones: the Edge of Reason,” nails the essence of being a modern, mostly single girl, complete with the pint of ice cream after a break up and knowing all the words to ’80s Madonna classics. She knows how important it is to wear the right thing when professing your love to the man of your dreams, no matter how many costume changes are required, but she also knows that it is what is inside that counts.

She also knows the value of starting over.

In a sentence, if you are a girl, make sure to see “Bridget Jones: the Edge of Reason,” to be released nationwide Nov. 19; if you are a boy, do not see it. I will make fun of you, as will most of your friends.