Bertucci’s baked goodness

Daniel Davis


761 Lancaster Ave

Bryn Mawr, PA 19010


If you are in search of the local Italian Restaurant, navigate your way towards Bertucci’s in Bryn Mawr.

A neighbor to last week’s feature, Cosi, Bertucci’s has a more prominent location on Lancaster Avenue.

This Italian-based eatery provides a menu filled with pastas, juxtaposed with other basic restaurant necessities: salads, soups, fish and chicken; also, they have the essential beverages and desserts.

However, if Bertucci’s was to have a forte, it would be their assortment of diverse pizzas. In fact my recommendation is for their pizzas; the oven-baked method and their ability to properly layer the ingredients on circular-surfaced dough are fabulous.

I found myself spending $25 for the complete meal, but expect to pay $10-$15 for pizzas/entrees and $4-$10 for an appetizer.

As you step into the dining area, you will be greeted by a host or bartender. Henceforth, you are passed on to another server looking to seat you quickly.

The waiters usually appear burdened with too many tables for one individual, but do a decent job of trying to cater to your needs. You will most likely not be overwhelmed by a cordial server at Bertucci’s, but they do focus on attending numerous tables as swiftly as possible due to the workload.

The ambience is a moderately noisy one, not perfect when the customer needs a quiet dining experience. The atmosphere is very well-lit and the smoking section is sufficiently located so you cannot detect the scent throughout your meal.

From the moment I sat down and opened the menu, my mouth was ready for their much-hyped complimentary bread.

After that first bite, I began to realize what the hype was about; this crisp, warm bread was neatly dipped in olive oil and cheese, enough to make any mouth salivate and long for more.

My ice-cold water with lemon arrived soon thereafter when I ordered sausage soup and the Bertucci pizza (’cause hey, the name of the place is Bertucci’s).

My mouth still relished the exquisite flavor of the bread, so I requested seconds for myself at the waiter’s convenience, which would be awhile.

After some time, the bread arrived (lukewarm, yet scrumptious) accompanied by my sausage soup dappled on top with grated cheese.

The presentation of the dish was enchanting. The melted cheese and the sausage soup was absolutely fabulous; that extra zing of spice really made the soup exceptional.

Sometime later, I was presented with my main course, the Bertucci. This concoction was topped with an assortment of meats and was extremely filling. Overall, it was a pretty decent meal that was filling and did a good job of satisfying my taste buds.

I would recommend sticking to the pizzas at Bertucci’s, but do not be afraid to be adventurous and select one of the original dishes on the menu.

If nothing else, you can cram your stomach with amazing bread and be happy with your dining experience.

So if nearby Italian is what you are interested in for the evening, drop on by Bertucci’s and sample some oven-baked pizza.