Fashionably cool

Leanne Armstead

So, you’re going to an internship interview and you’re striving to dress for success. Or you’re going on a dinner date and you feel absolutely clueless towards what attire will leave an everlasting impression on that special college cutie. Well, I have got the remedy for your fashion stress. When attending a certain event or making a special appearance, every well-trained fashionista needs “The essentials.” These are items of attire that can never, and I repeat never, steer you wrong. So this winter, when you are going out on the town with the new love interest or when you’re “casually” walking through the Oreo at noon when you know your crush will be there chilling with his male or female counterparts, make an impression that will leave them wanting more. So, in no particular order …

Essential #1: boots. Whether they may be Uggs, Timbs or J. Crew rubber duckies, boots serve the purpose of looking good and looking sexy. Boots, especially tall ones, elongate the legs and truly bring out the feminine, fun side of a girl. Boots make your strides look more confident simply because of the way the shoe extends to the shaft of your lower leg, making you look slimmer and lengthy. They withdraw your inner sexiness and keep you warm at the same time. Furthermore boots come in different colors, shapes and patterns, so they will definitely match every fashion masterpiece. In the inspiring words of Nancy Sinatra “Those boots are made for walking … And that’s just what [you’ll] do,” Uggs, Timbs, or Marc Jacobs, even plastic rain ones from J. Crew!

Essential #2: shrugs. Shrugs, also referred to as “Halfies” are the new elegant and trendy way to make your outfit unforgettable. Serving the same purpose as a shawl, shrugs only cover the arms making you look sexy without showing skin. Shrugs make your collarbone and neckline appear more noticeable and bring more attention to the upper half of your body, causing you to look sexier and more feminine. They keep you warm, yet they are not as bulky as a jacket. Shrugs also elongate the torso because they bring attention to the bigger and more three-dimensional part of your upper body, your chest, which slims down the rest of your body. Finally, shrugs come in all colors and designs, some with rhinestones and broaches and others are cashmere. Whichever way you wear them, a shrug will add a touch of class and elegance to any shirt or dress.

Essential #3: blazer. Whether it be tweed or hemmingbone, blazers are the way to dress up or dress down with a unique streak of style and grace. Blazers come in all different colors and patterns, and they even keep you warm throughout the winter wonderland. You can dress up for an interview with a blazer and a pair of black slacks or you can be casually cute on a date with a blazer and a hoodie. Blazers are also wonderful in that they are usually form-fitting, so they match any person’s physique, bringing out the curvier and shapely aspect of your body. Let’s just say, a blazer can make you look “blazin’!”

Whatever essential you turn to, always remember: accessorizing can be the key credential to getting that job, and a cute outfit can heat up the drabbest of first dates. But more important than any fashion creation, a positive attitude and a vibrant smile can leave you with that new job and that new guy right on your arm.