Convention honors Nursing program

Kim McMurray

This year, at the state Student Nurses Association of Pennsylvania convention, University representatives won seven awards, the most for any chapter at this year’s convention.

The event was held in the Poconos from Nov. 17. Over 600 nursing students from all over Pennsylvania attended, making it the largest state gathering to date, according to the state advisors.

The University sent 26 delegates, led by Senior SNAP Villanova President Megan Anderson.

“Villanova has one of the most active chapters in the United States,” advisor Carol Weingarten said.

“Our chapter focuses on education, professional development, networking and friendship. Every day of the week there is something going on with SNAP.”

The students in SNAP meet every other week for general meetings.

There are also board meetings and community service projects going on.

“Students are involved at many different levels,” said Weingarten.

Nursing Dean Dr. Louise Fitzpatrick was honored with an honorary member award, which is only given to one or two individuals each year. She was also a Keynote speaker at the event.

Villanova received the highest state chapter award, outstanding chapter in Pennsylvania.

Alumna Jessica Cerami and Junior Lena Congo received the outstanding breakthrough to nursing project award after chairing a project which assisted Girl Scouts in earning a nursing exploration patch, as well as teaching the girls about nursing as a career.

This project intended to address long-term issues regarding the current nursing shortage.

For the first year, the outstanding manor care project award, sponsored by Manor Care Nursing Homes, was given to students who worked with the elderly as part of the Priority Project Initiative.

Throughout the year members created greeting cards, then groups of members delivered the cards to the local nursing home and visited with the residents.

This project created hundreds of cards, and involved many students over the year.

Junior Kathryn Mawn is the editor of Snapshots, the chapter’s newsletter, and received the Outstanding Newsletter Award.

This is the second consecutive year that Snapshots, which is printed five or six times a year, have been honored at the convention.

A scholarship award for excellence was given to Senior Judith Baker, who is enrolled in the BSN Express Program and represents that program on the SNAP Board of Directors.

Weingarten received the outstanding advisor of the year award, and was also invited to speak on the topic, “Putting Your Knowledge into Words: Writing for Publication.”

SNAP customarily prepares and submits a resolution each year, and has done so for the past 18 years (a record for any chapter in the country).

Legislative Coordinator Eileen Feehan presented this year’s resolution, which dealt with the importance of education and awareness of celiac disease.

The resolution came together after two former nursing students experienced this condition.

“A resolution is a stand on a particular issue that has an impact on heath or a health profession, a consistently identified problem,” Weingarten said.

“Villanova has been very active in researching important issues, many of which have special meaning to members of the group.”

This year at the convention, Schelly Snyder and Kathryn Mawn were elected state vice president and legislative coordinator, respectively.