Villanovans out of style this winter season

Robin Withall

With winter in full swing, Villanovans are bundled up in their latest fashions . . . well, the latest “Villanova” fashions, anyway.

But open the latest fashion magazines and one thing is obvious: according to Vogue, the majority of Wildcats are behind the times.

Let’s examine the evidence.

While Villanova ladies continue to proudly don their Uggs (the name, appropriately enough, stems from the fact that they are ugly), these boots retired from the fashion scene last season. The new footwear fad? According to Lucky magazine, moccasins are the shoes of the month.

Hollywood celebrities are embracing the latest styles from hip denim lines such as Chip and Pepper, Hudson and Joe’s Jeans. However, their recommendations seem to be lost on many of the girls on campus, who still wear their comfortable Sevens to class. All of these brands average $150 to $180 per pair, by the way.

More and more students seem to be wearing the North Face Denali fleece, with black as the color of choice, although other shades have recently been popping up.

Another outerwear favorite of Villanova students?

The North Face down-filled Nuptse vest. Meanwhile, far away in the land of current fashion, trench coats and knee-length pea coats rule the runways.

In terms of accessories, Villanova ladies keep it simple with pearl earrings and hair ribbons that conveniently match their Polo cable-knit sweaters in myriad colors for daytime, and funkier, trendier jeweled brooches and chandelier earrings for weekend and nighttime excursions. Vogue magazine suggests getting creative with the brooches, pinning them at the closures of fitted blazers, or on a newsboy cap.

So what’s the deal with Villanova fashions? Why aren’t the majority of us as fashion-forward as, say, our NYU counterparts?

Maybe it’s the Main Line addiction to timeless classic looks. After all, a white polo will always be in style, while the latest look in Vogue may last only a season.

At least we won’t see one of our own pictured on Glamour’s “Don’t” page.