Hot fashions are a hit at Grammys

Leanne Armstead

If you were idle this past Sunday, still wallowing in your sadness a week after the Eagles defeat, chances are you tuned into the 47th annual Grammy Awards. Though many watched to see who would win Album of the Year, I watched to see who would take home Fashionista of the Century.

So there I am, waiting for the show to start, and, to my amazement, I see a blown-up replica of an orange. To my surprise it was not an orange at all … It was Queen Latifah. There she stood in the most horribly fitting, poorly chosen ensemble in her post-“Living Single” career.

The dress was incredibly oversized and hardly fit her hourglass figure. However, I admit that her jewelry was an adequate addition that added a touch of class and golden shimmer to her neckline. As mistress of ceremonies, Queen Latifah’s attire could have done with being more regal.

Usher, who ushered in two Grammy awards, was dressed to impress in a sophisticated white suit, complemented by couture aviators. He also successfully accessorized the new celebrity fad of multiple chains, which offset the vanilla hue of his outfit. Along with Usher, Penelope Cruz looked sleek and stylish in a white silk pantsuit. Though the suit was slightly oversized, it was a very classy choice, proving that white is the new black.

Fergie, lead singer of the soul-food group, Black Eyed Peas, was a definite fashion offender. It appeared to me that someone decided to take a perfectly elegant black dress and splatter gold paint all over it. It looked like her little sister went wild with the finger-painting.

The winner of the night was Eve. Though she did not actually win any awards, she did make a “red-hot” statement in her fiery Roberto Cavalli V-neck minidress. Her head-to-toe red ensemble was flashy and risk-taking and offset her golden brown skin tone very nicely. Beyonce, whose wardrobe never fails to convey elegance and style, looked beautiful as usual in a black and gold form-fitting halter dress.