Halifax: They’ve got “A Writer’s Reference”

Dana D'Orazio

A newcomer to the music scene, Halifax is not a mere passing comet quick to burn out; Halifax is here to stay. Formed in 2002, this California-based band has gone through growing pains and come out on top.

After signing with ECA Recordings, Halifax decided to take a different route, steering clear of becoming stamped by the pop punk mold. 2003 marked a year of reassessment and new members leading to their signing with No Milk records, a small independent label operating out of New Jersey. Out of the mainstream music scene the band regrouped and released the first installment of “A Writer’s Reference” in 2004.

Picked up by Drive Thru Records to join the ranks of other successes The Starting Line, New Found Glory and Socratic, Halifax re-released “A Writer’s Reference” in January 2005.

“A Writer’s Reference” is proof of the punk rock band’s staying power. Clearly concerned more with creation than they are with imitation “A Writer’s Reference” offers an-ear gratifying balance of stellar vocals and beats.

Unwilling to fall into the all-too-familiar mix of repetitive chords and substituted screaming for lack of lyrics, Halifax has something real and rock on its hands.

Flip to any of the seven tracks and you’re sure to hear the proof. “Sydney” is a great example of the band’s ability to combine a sense of individual style with solid rhythms and instrumentals. Unafraid to take risks with tempos and transitions, Halifax has created tracks infused with vitality and originality.

To sum up their music in one word: alive. Their departure from conventional forms and arrangements “A Writer’s Reference” breathes and beats through the sound waves. “I Hate Your Eyes” and “Broken Glass Syndrome” are prime examples of Halifax’s ability to create infectious tracks worthy of a turn up and rock out. Like a good movie, the listener will be returning for another dose discovering new intrigues at each new encounter. Check Halifax out at www.halifaxrock.com. Look for a full length album due out summer 2005 from Drive Thru Records.