Real World: Episode Twenty

Nick Sampogna

Hey there, reality fans! I need to put out an immediate apology for the absence of this column last week, but things got kind of crazy. I also am taking over “Coffee Break” so be sure to check that out as well.

Since I missed last week, here is a big piece of news that can help segue into this week’s episode: Last week can be summed up with one phrase: Finally! Landon and Shavonda seem to have come to terms with their physical and possibly emotional attractions and finally hooked up.

So it’s official. We have now entered another season of “Real World” where roommates are having sex. While we all know the classic apprehensions about hooking up with roommates, part of me could not be happier to be right in my prediction.

However, this week brought about a little more drama, mostly from Karamo, who is not exactly pleased to know about what is going on. Landon and Shavonda continue to hook up now that they are back from Fiji, and even Shaun knows about this new fling. Karamo’s anger is coming from his frustration and discomfort with an interracial relationship.

Many of the roommates are speaking out (in confessionals, and such) about how shallow-minded he is acting, especially when it develops in the episode that Karamo, too is dating someone…a Puerto Rican man (which of course is only controversial because it makes Karamo a hypocrite).

It can only be seen as rude that Karamo has a negative opinion of someone else, and then turn around and do the same thing he looks down at them for. I am sure that the other roommates, especially Landon and Shavonda, will make sure they are heard about this issue. In the end, all is calm in the Real World house, for now. Karamo claims he is not and will not be bothered by Landon and Shavonda’s relationship.

I do feel like making one digression from the general topic, and it is that it will continually baffle me how the show can come off as dramatic, simply because it chooses to edit for content and time, including usually dramatic and confrontational situations. Understandably, every show needs to be able to draw its viewers in, but to pretty much concentrate on one or two characters makes the rest of them seem less important.

Okay, kids, see you all next week! Keep watching…

‘Nova Students Speak Out:

“Dear Karamo, you are a hypocrite. Love, Jackie.” Jackie Nicholson, sophomore

“I think that Karamo is definitely being ignorant and illogical in how he is handling his discomfort with Landon and Shavonda’s relationship. He needs to stop drinking the Hateorade too.” Matt McGoldrick, sophomore