Student’s death shocks campus

Melissa Weigel

University junior Laura Mazzola was found dead in her off-campus apartment located in Bryn Mawr last Tuesday, Feb. 8.

The cause of her death still remains undetermined; results of an autopsy are pending.

Foul play is not suspected in Mazzola’s death. The Lower Merion township police were called to the apartment by the building’s manager and found no sign of forced entry or struggle.

Mazzola was found with the telephone next to her ear. There is the possibility that her death was heart-related since her mother’s family has a history of heart problems.

Mazzola was actively involved in the sorority Alpha Chi Omega, where she served as the social chair her sophomore year.

She was a communications major, and she had possible plans to work for a radio station after she graduated.

She also had a job with a promotions company, in which she made many contacts. As part of her job promoting Jessica Simpson’s line of edible beauty products, she was able to meet the star.

Mazzola played basketball since the age of eight; she was the point guard for her high school team. She decided not to try out for the University team, though, to focus instead on her academics.

“If she met someone for a few hours, she would become friends with them,” her friend senior Lyndsey Maiorano said. “And she would stay in contact with them.”

“She always knew when something was wrong,” another of Mazzola’s friends, senior Lauren Belfiore, said. “She always had time for you even when she was busy.”

Her friendly presence made an impact on almost everyone she met on campus.

According to Dr. Kermit Moore, who had Mazzola in several of his classes, “When someone would speak, she was always there with a positive comment or a smile or a nod or a question when the speaker got stuck.”

He added, “She had this manner that was disarming that would put people at ease and make them want to open up to her.”

“She loved life. She loved people. She loved telling her stories, and they would make everyone else feel good too,” Maiorano said. “It makes me smile just to think about her.”

“When I transferred here my junior year, she would take me out and introduce me to everyone,” Belfiore said. “She knew everyone. She was genuinely nice.”

“She had the ability to bring out the best in people,” Moore said.

The funeral was held on Saturday in Montville, New Jersey, where Mazzola’s immediate family lives.

Numerous friends of Mazzola’s from the University and faculty members attended the service.