Create the perfect gift for your valentine

Lisa D'Annunzio


8 1/2 x 11 inch piece of heavy paper or card stock (traditional reds, pinks and whites)Magazines you don’t mind cutting upScissors (blades with special patterns such as antique, or waves add a nice touch)glueSmall gauge craft wireA sewing needleLetter beadsRibbon (different sizes and colors).


1. Look for fun patterns and colors in the magazine and tear out those pages. Advertisements and landscapes lend great color and texture to this project.

2. For each page cut out several hearts. To do so, cut out a half of a heart shape along the lightly creased fold of your page. The heart shape should be about 1 inch from the top of the paper and should extend to within 1/4 inch of the unfolded side of the paper. Then unfold the paper to reveal a heart-shape cut through both sides of the folded paper.

3. Fold one sheet of cardstock in half (fourths smaller card) and crease.

4. Begin to glue heart shapes onto cardstock. Have fun with this. A collage is meant to have layers, and randomness. That’s what makes them so fun to look at! Try making a pattern of big and small hearts, lining hearts across the card and layering the shapes on top of one another.

5. Continue layering heart shapes on the card until you find a design you like.

6. Now it’s time to embellish your card with ribbons and beads. Cut ribbons and place them flat on the card or if you choose, tie them in a little bow instead.

7. Next, you may string a message of beads on wire and attach to the card by making two small holes with a needle at either end of the card through which the wire will be anchored. Thread beaded wire through each hole and knot on inside of card.

8. With a scrap piece of cardstock, cut out a light colored rectangle on which you write your special Valentine’s Day greeting. Glue the greeting inside the card.

9. Let dry for a few hours and then place in envelope. Anticipate oodles of smiles.