Club C.H.A.T. to benefit arthritis charity

Daniella Bellafiore

A group of juniors recently began a new charity club called Club C.H.A.T. (Children Have Arthritis Too). Founder Daniella Bellafiore started the club in her high school in honor of her younger sister, who suffers from chronic arthritis. Now, she brought the club and its charitable mission to the University to increase understanding of the nation’s No. 1 cause of disability, and to contribute to the development of better medications.

The club’s members are participating in one of the largest nationwide fundraising events specifically for children with arthritis.

This event is the Arthritis Walk, which takes place in various U.S. locations each May during National Arthritis Awareness Month. The money raised will go towards preventing, controlling and finding a cure for arthritis.

Members of Club C.H.A.T. have will walk in New Jersey’s Verona Park, one of the walk-a-thon locations. On May 22, University C.H.A.T. representatives Bellafiore, Lauren Aquilina and Lia Torre will walk in honor of a Bellafiore’s sister, Victoria Bellafiore, 10, who has suffered from juvenile rheumatoid arthritis since the age of four.

Teams from the Bellafiores’ hometown and teams composed of friends and family will also walk in honor of Victoria.

“Thinking of all those people walking for me at the Arthritis Walk makes it not so bad when my joints start to flare,” said Victoria Bellafiore.

Team members representing Club C.H.A.T. recently held a bake sale in the Connelly Center and raised about $200 to donate to the Arthritis Walk.

Club C.H.A.T. is also helping other student groups form their own teams. Each team must have five or more

People who raise at least five hundred dollars collectively before the date of the walk. Each team member who reaches or surpasses $100 will receive a free Arthritis Foundation t-shirt.

The walk-a-thon will feature food and entertainment, including music supplied by popular radio station Z100, as well as informational booths and full media coverage.

The Alpha Chi Omega sorority has formed their own team to participate in the Arthritis Walk. The sorority was the first on campus to buy arthritis.

“Club C.H.A.T. has been a wonderful organization that has helped to bring the sisterhood of Alpha Chi Omega together in celebration of a great cause,” said Liz Tutrone, president of Alpha Chi Omega. “We’ve really all bonded together to help support Daniella [Bellafiore] in her brave efforts to start the club, participating in bake sales and fundraisers. Everyone has been excited to be able to help out in every way they can.”