Dinner With Dan: Plough & the Stars

Daniel Davis

Plough & the Stars

2nd and Chestnut Sts.

Philadelphia, PA

215 – 733 – 0300

Deep in the heart of Philly, is “Plough & the Stars,” on second and Chestnut, where the ambience is anything from ready-to-party to time to relax and calmly eat.

This black-shrouded Irish pub delivers an energetic atmosphere and vivacious personnel ready to accommodate the most miniscule of needs.

“Plough & the Stars” is the type of restaurant that offers the typical bar menu. Meats, fried foods, burgers, and desserts provide a tasty treat to satisfy any fast food craving or calorie-filled appetite.

The normal, everyday, fat-filled fried foods are found aplenty here, where the tongue can be tantalized by the first taste, of food. Calamari, crab, shrimp, and mussels cover the available seafood dishes while chicken breast and tenders, panini, and quesadillas occupy the remainder of the menu. All appetizers range from a pricy $7 – $9; but the servings are on the large size.

In the dessert section, apple tart, chocolate truffle, and cheesecake are featured. All delicious desserts are available for no more than $6.

The seating arrangement doesn’t isolate any of the customers from the smoke. This is a two story restaurant, and the smoke rises from the bar to the upper level even if you try to evade that bothersome odor.

In debating on possibilities for food, the calamari sounded great, if nothing else, and the chorizo sausage and chicken quesadillas are always something I like to try from restaurant to restaurant.

Those two sound great; yet, I can’t help but wonder how the mussels steamed in sherry tastes. The Plough Summer Platter sounds good too because I love hummus and adore salmon.

The first of the four arrivals was the chorizo sausage and chicken quesadillas. What a delectable sounding concoction. Such taste-bud tingling and body-fattening flavor all in one bite!

After I had finished the chorizo, calamari with two dipping sauces appeared before me. Nothing special here, just your average run-of-the-mill calamari that is deep fried enough to eliminate most of the fishy taste you’d normally get from seafood. It was still tasty though and chewy, and something worth ordering for a late night snack.

The second seafood portion, mussels came next. Who doesn’t love this clam-like imposter? The mussels were so chewy, and buttery, and gooey, melting in your mouth, blanketed in butter.

The final packed with foods I love, spanish olives, red peppers, hummus, smoked wild salmon, and pita bread. The salmon with hummus and pita was absolutely astonishing.

If you ever go to “Plough & the Stars” and experience one dish, or if you only have $9, try the Plough Summer platter dish, because it’s filling and well worth it. If you love salmon, you’ll love this dish. The tastes were sensually pleasing.

If you find yourself down in the depths of Philly, craving tasty and fattening foods, head to “Plough & the Stars,” where your appetite can be met with a great variety of foods.