Springing into fashion

Amy Durazo

Suffering from cabin fever? The hottest spring fashions have arrived just in time to usher out Jack Frost and the last of the winter weather. One glance at the latest in textures, prints and colors, and you’ll be headed out the door to stock up.

Deep colors like black and burgundy have no place in this season’s palette. Instead, replace darks with punchy hues like turquoise, coral, and yellow. A perfect match with khakis or jeans, vivid pastels have become a necessity in even the most basic of spring wardrobes.

“The first signs of spring that I always notice are bright colors in all the stores,” says junior Abby Roeding. “I get so tired of being pale and wearing black that an orange t-shirt can be a great change.”

In addition to brights comes whites. Crisp linens and fabrics in nature’s purest color are more in demand than normal this season. Nervous about wearing too much color? Handbags are popping up all over the radar and this season’s motto is the bigger, the better. Pair white or turquoise purses and bags with neutral colors to add pop without being too flamboyant.

Chunky jewelry is another way to add subtle, but visible hints of color. Large necklaces bangles adorned in jewels and stones add a perfect splash of color and sparkle to any outfit, dark or light.

Silver and gold jewelry is also a hit this season, but the metallic tones are appearing everywhere from bracelets to shoes to tanks and tees. The brassy, shiny colors can change a casual outfit into a club outfit in a hurry. To dress up jeans, try pairing a sparkly gold belt or a shirt with silver or sequins.

This season’s motto? Bohemian chic. Prints are in this spring; paisley, hippie and floral patterns are a pretty way to create an outfit’s focal point. Paired with jeans or simple pants, a girly top quickly turns an outfit from casual to classic.

“I normally wear plain shirts and tank tops without any prints on them, but it’s nice to dress up an outfit once in awhile,” says junior Meghan Stokes. “Flowery tops are casual enough that you can wear them to class or dressy enough to wear them out with heels.”

Alternate bohemian aspects of fashion that have made big returns this spring are flat sandals and wedges, which are surpassing moccasins as the latest hits in footwear. More comfortable and easier to walk in than last year’s pointy, mile-high stilettos, spring’s shoes come in a variety of colors and patterns, making them a perfect way to complete any outfit. Wedges are a hit and add a funky touch to jeans while flats are perfect for this season’s big skirts.

As a much needed alternative to last summer’s micro-miniskirts, this season’s big skirts create a look that fit any body type and come in a variety of styles: peasant, layered, pleated, tiered – you name it, the latest hot designer’s have created it.

Still a bit chilly outside?

Not to worry. This season, jackets are more of a fashion statement than an extra layer. Girly cardigans are a simple way to top off a big skirt while fitted blazers and cropped jackets make waists look tiny and outfits look stylish and finished. Trench coats provide warmth as well as charm to any outfit and are perfect when matched with dazzling basics.

For guys, bright tees and khaki blazers are essential this spring. Greens, yellows and other splashy hues add zing to an otherwise simple wardrobe. Khaki blazers are capable of dressing down collared shirts and dressing up plain crew necks and any denim.

Weathered shirts and polos are also popular for spring and give any outfit a casual, airy appearance. Khaki pants and shorts are always popular for guys, but especially when paired with the lemon, lime, and orange hues.

Finally, ties can make or break an outfit, and this spring’s include vivid solids and subtle patterns. Pair striped ties with solid dress shirts or solid ties with striped dress shirts to polish off the perfect look.

With all of the fashion options available this spring, the perfect outfits could be only a shopping spree away.