Speaker system for Oreo proposed

Erica Dolson

A high-quality speaker system will be installed in the center of campus near the Oreo in mid-April. The Student Government Association recently won approval for this project, secured funding and placed the order. It will include many professional features such as a CD player, wireless microphones and satellite radio.

In the past, if student groups using the Oreo wished to play music, they needed to pay a tech crew. With this new project, student groups will be able to use the sound system free of charge.

“The Oreo is the focal point of the campus. [The stereo system is] a nice feature to add to the campus,” said Jon Ambrose, executive aide for the SGA.

The idea for this project came up last year, under the previous SGA administration.

The Campus Improvements Committee researched the idea of a speaker system, and the idea resurfaced again this year.

The sound system will cost $8,800.

“We’re financing it completely by ourselves,” said Frank Brogna, SGA chief of staff and Liberal Arts senator.

The SGA is working in conjunction with the vice president of Student Life and the vice president of Student Affairs to establish guidelines that will ensure that the equipment can be used by all groups.

These guidelines should prevent damage and theft of the equipment. Because of the location of the Oreo, SGA is not worried that the music will disturb classes.

Their chief concern is disturbing the theater in Vasey Hall.

Feedback has been “absolutely positive from everyone I talked to,” Ambrose said.

The SGA hopes the sound system will provide an opportunity for student groups to do more with their events.

“We saw it as an opportunity to be proactive and took advantage of that,” Ambrose said.

“The fact that we are going to be successful is the greatest accomplishment.”