Keeping your tan

Michael o'connell

If you didn’t get that coveted tan over spring break, don’t worry. It’s only a few blocks away. A newcomer to the Main Line, MetropoliTANS has enjoyed success catering to the needs of students since opening last fall.

The tanning salon, which is located at 1044 West Lancaster Ave. in Bryn Mawr, opened last fall. Villanovans who wanted to look their best for spring break or who just wanted to escape the winter doldrums by getting a new look.

The salon, converted from an old trophy shop, is small but comfortable. Brightly painted walls lined with padded chairs and a coffee table with an array of magazines make the salon both comfortable and convenient for customers.

Co-owner Dave Labar says that word of mouth, especially among sorority sisters, have helped bring thousands of customers into the salon.

MetropoliTANS’ clientele is not entirely women, however. Males make up 10 to 15 percent of the salon’s clients, according to LaBar.

“I wanted to tan before going to Mexico for spring break,” senior Steve Gallagher said. So what sets MetropoliTANS apart?

Knowledge about the business, LaBar says. He and co-owner McMaster became certified tanning consultants before opening the salon. Running a sanitary business is also a point of pride for the owners.

“We’re crazy about cleanliness,” LaBar said.

Protective tanning eyewear and skin lotions are also available at the salon. LaBar is pleased with the salon’s current business.The new kid on the block to the area, MetropliTANS has made its presence known.

“We’ve exceeded every expectation we’ve set for ourselves,” LaBar said.