Univ. adopts environment-friendly policy

Jen Woytovich

In accordance with the Association of University Leaders for a Sustainable Future, Villanova’s Vice-President’s Council recently adopted the Villanova University Environmental Sustainability Policy.

This policy was not the first course of action taken by the University in respect to protecting the environment. On November 28, 2000 the Villanova Green Purchasing Policy was passed to assure that the products purchased for the campus were less harmful to the environment. Furthermore, the University annually participates in coordinating community events for Earth Day, which are already being planned for this April 22. The University campus is also an arboretum.

The VUESP was inspired not only by the University Leaders for a Sustainable Future, but also by a declaration of Pope John Paul II who said, “We cannot continue to use the goods of the earth as we have in the past … A new ecological awareness is beginning to emerge …The ecological crises is a moral issue.”

The VUESP promises to be wise in the University’s use of resources. This includes promoting the conservation of water and energy, using renewable energy resources and the adoption of green building standards. These are just a few goals mentioned. The University is also planning through this new policy to offer appropriate learning opportunities for students. The intention is to create a community which is both educated and respectful of the environment.

In accordance with the University’s traditional education principles, the goal is not always to simply prepare the students for future employment, but also to provide future alumni with an understanding of social responsibilities, and in this case a great commitment to the preservation of the environment.

Junior Kenny Jarrell said, “I think it is a great idea, the way Villanova is preserving our environment so that future generations can enjoy what we have enjoyed.”

The University is among only four other universities in America and dozens around the world to be so involved with the University Leaders for a Sustainable Future. With this policy the University continues a legacy toward environmental awareness, already winning three awards from the National Wildlife Federation for Waste Water Management, Green Purchasing and Recycling.

Senior Chad Fischer said, “As a senior, the passing of this policy gives me one more reason to be proud to have been a part of the Villanova community.”